Fox Family Pushes For 'Riley's Law'

The bill, named "Riley's Law," would expedite the DNA evidence in child murder cases

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Riley Fox Memorial Fund Established

The Fund is currently accepting and collecting donations to help fund the ongoing investigation to apprehend Riley’s killer

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Riley Fox Case Could Change DNA Testing Laws

Proposed law would make private DNA testing available in all child murder cases

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Dear Friends and Family,
We have redone our website to focus on our number one goal - the capture of Riley's killer. We do not want another family to go through the horrible nightmare that has been our life for the last 13 months. Everyday, we are reminded of the beautiful, loving, precious daughter we lost. Everyday, we grieve over never seeing her smile or holding her in our arms again. Every child we see reminds us of what we have lost. Every picture of her reminds us that the wonderful life we had with Riley can never replaced.

It was a huge struggle, trying to cope with losing our daughter and knowing that Kevin had been wrongfully accused of this crime. We had to go through some extremely hard times without each other but we always believed the truth would come out - and it has. Now that we have the killer's genetic identity, we must find this monster.

Recently, we met with Mr. Glasgow and we have been assured by him that Riley's case is a top priority with his office. We trust Mr. Glasgow and we will cooporate with him and his investigators to the fullest extent possible.

We will find Riley's killer with the help of law enforcement and your tips. We have increased our reward offer to $100,000.00. Your tips will be turned over to law enforcement immediately upon receipt. This crime cannot be solved without your help. Any information, no matter how small, may help law enforcement. Please help us stop this killer from destroying another family's life.

-Kevin and Melissa Fox